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To help us make sense of the biggest cosmology story of recent years, we invited three of our favorite physicists back to the show. Matt and Jesse are joined by an in-studio Dr. Larry Price, and, thanks to technical wizardry, NYC-dwelling Prof. Janna Levin and a Washington State-based Dr. Jamie Rollins, as they talk us through The Big Bang, what Inflation means, what this BICEP2 experiment did, whether it's important, what the Asian guy with the champagne meant when he said “It's five sigma at point two” to the Russian man and woman in that viral video, what was going on with that colder-than-absolute-zero story we didn't understand last week, whether academic journals are glory hunters, how multiverses fit in with this Inflation thing, and what we should take away from the whole story. And Andy missed all this to make sure a TV show about skaters getting hit in the testicles got made.

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We're going Dutch on this week's episode, as Netherlands-based comedian Stefan Pop ( joins American writer/comedian Rylee Newton ( to chat about: Dutch insults! Buying a goat for charity! Working at Microsoft! A Dutchman going to an American university in Spain! Stefan's cadaver dissections! HP Lovecraft movies! A more in-depth look at the drug Narcan! The Netherlands' speed skating dominance! Probably Eugenics! Orange light that resets circadian rhythms! Jesse’s upcoming appearance in the coffee table book Bums! A prediction of the multiverse that dates back 700 years! The first episode of Cosmos! Lightning that predicts earthquakes! Temperatures below absolute zero! Australians shooting space debris out of orbit with lasers! A person’s voice as a predictor of their personality! How neanderthals might have yelled! Stefan’s unique take on saying hello! 

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Veterans of stage and screen Jimmy Shubert ( and Matt Davis ( join Jess, Matt and Andy this week to chat about: Performing for troops overseas! Rubbing strange lamps you find on the beach! Phillbillies! the Civil Rights Museum! Brooks Wheelan's 12 Years a Slave sketch on SNL! Baby tumors that have teeth! Unnecessary remakes! Dark matter that may have killed off the dinosaurs! Rumspringa! A drug that cures heroin overdoses! Nick Doody opening for Bill Hicks! Judging our furry listeners! Italian robots that can tell when you lie! Another AIDS baby who's been cured!

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Comedian/writer James Bachman (, That Mitchell and Webb Look) and comedian/podcaster Danny Lobell ( join Matt, Andy and Jesse to talk about: Almost failing physics and math at Cambridge! Nude women with flamethrowers at Burning Man! Sexy biology teachers! Having a Jewish-themed wedding! Jesse's high school friend dressing in blackface! Group theory! Danny's work medicating giant sea turtles! A recently unearthed 30,000-year-old megavirus! A polio-like outbreak in California! Older dads are more likely to have messed-up kids! Jesse as the spokesman for sober Taco Bell! The powerlessness of positive thinking! Turing machines! Could black holes be breaking the Eddington limit? A 3D-printed electronic glove for your heart! Danny Lobell's philosophy-themed podcast! Finding out that James wrote the hilarious Numberwang sketch!

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