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This week Matt, Jesse and Andy are joined by Caltech Planetary Science Postdoctoral Scholar Bjoern Benneke and author Lee Billings to talk about the many topics covered in Lee's new book, Five Billion Years of Solitude: The Search for Life Among the Stars, including: Hunting for exoplanets! Dating sites for farmers! The Drake equation! Earth's recent trend toward radio silence! Oxygen: The first great pollution crisis! Harold Urey's pessimistic time capsule predictions! Energy-hungry alien civilizations creating Dyson spheres! Competition in the exoplanet field! The philosophical reasons for searching for extraterrestrial life!

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This episode kicks off two weeks in a row of real science, as Matt, Jesse and Andy welcome Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, author of Newton's Football, and comedian/football fan Sarah Tiana ( to discuss Dr. Ramirez's new book, and more specifically: Footballs in humidors! Football suicide pools! Andy's football ignorance! The brutal early days of the sport! Football's concussion epidemic! A new style of safer tackling! Refrigerator Perry's rapping prowess! Desperation giving rise to the A-11 offense! Vince Lombardi's background as a science teacher! Choosing plays based on game theory! Waffle House waiters who are like quarterbacks! Risk-averse monkeys! The toe-less placekicker! Greg Cook's injury giving rise to the West Coast offense! The origin of the no-huddle offense! The reasons for the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry! Compulsory pep rallies! Andy's football announcer grandfather Bob Ufer!

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Scottish comedy wunderkind Daniel Sloss ( is here in the US to perform on Conan, and he stopped by Bluebell Ranch to talk with Matt, Jesse and Andy about: British comedian intros! Doing comedy at a rave! Scottish pride! Upkilt photographs! Ben and Jerry-inspired homophobic slogans! Bot Out Of Hell: Daniel and his father's Robot Wars competitor with a diamond sawblade! A new drug that fixes bent boners! Everyone's fingers connect! Adolescent mice that drink alcohol because of peer pressure! Where humans really sit on the food chain! Eating animals to teach them a lesson! Throwing pennies away! The nuts and bolts of being hanged, drawn and quartered!

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This episode is a complete shambles. With Andy out of town, Canadian/British comedian Jason John Whitehead ( drops in on Matt and Jesse attempting to make a Thanksgiving bonus episode in Jesse's bedroom. Topics include: Birthright trips to Israel! Thanksgiving stuff! Jesse's typewriter collection! Mighty hunters! Genetic inheritence of fears! Seahorse fluid dynamics! Illegal koala handling! Goosing!      

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