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Technology fellow at the Electronic Frontier Foundation Yan Zhu (@bcrypt) joins Matt and Andy to dig deep into online security, privacy, encryption, HTTPS Everywhere, podcast patent trolls, Privacy Badgerthe Tor browser, the future of online ads, Edward Snowden, the Silk Road, the upcoming Probably Science live show at SF Sketchfest on January 14th and a bonus audio snippet about Yan's legendary landlord.

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The hilarious Travis Clark (@thatguytravis) joins returning guests Dax Jordan (@daxjordan) and TJ Chambers (@tjchambersLA) to form the first episode with a Space Camp alumni majority and talk about Andy’s UFO sighting that *may* have been a Trident missile test, breaking the blood brain barrier, 24 as a 90s show, GPS versus sextants, DARYL and what it stands for, jet packs, rocket belts, wing things and personal helicopters, Norm at brunch, Dr. Dick’s blood, dementia and Dr. Demento and Margaret Thatcher on Yes Minister.

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Danes and Brits come together this week in the form of Sofie Hagen (@SofieHagen) and Sarah Morgan (@sarahlmorgan), both lending their expertise to discussions on the Hollywood sign, Halloween, the emergency wizard costume, Danish science, rice pudding traditions, useful German words, being thrown free, a chimera twin baby, new ghosts, a new bat, spider bites, China’s space plans, eyesight, face blindness, the bacon cancer scare, Andy’s comedy doppelgänger, Danish TV, the hilarious Klown, WKD and crocodile eyes.

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Hilarious actor/comedian Kerry Godliman (@KerryAGodliman) is stateside to film a new Christopher Guest film, and she chatted with Matt and Andy about science vs. art, cadaver fists, the persistence of the plagueembarrassing bodies, a clickbait generator, Doug Stanhope's feud with Matt and bee farmers.

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