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Edinburgh Comedy Award-winner Brendon Burns ( sits in with Matt, Jesse and Andy this week to dig into: Worrying about your Google-ability! LA streets named for celebrities! Orange people in the Australian outback! Making "Be a Lady" T-shirts! Naked children on giant slip-n-slides! Underwear that filters your flatulence! Learning how to pronounce "awry"! Finding bombs with dolphin-inspired radar! The four-disc Flaming Lips experimental album! Whatever killed the dinosaurs wiped out a load of bees, too! Personality trends across the US! Junk DNA that shapes your face! Perthans!

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You've seen comedian Nate Craig ( on truTV's World's Dumbest and Comedy Central's Mash Up, and he joins Matt, Andy and Jesse to discuss: Jesse's new co-host status! Lowball podcast donations! Exchanging a million pennies! Fake IDs! Figuring out what Yetis actually are! Farting into tissues! Ancient human ancestry! Youtube videos of Danny Devito cuddling with Michael Jordan! Los Angeles coyotes! Flushing out brain toxins while you sleep! Matt's experience with colonics! Andy's Jack In The Box confession! Our upcoming live video stream of the show! Using static electricity to dispose of space debris! Rapidly aging breast tissue! Ironing your jeans! A possible cure for baldness! Toupee stories! Ironic combovers!

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Star of Doctor Who and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Karen Gillan ( joins Matt, Andy and Jesse this week to talk about: Being on the cusp of superstardom! Andy and Jesse's rat problem! Growing up as a Scottish serf! The parade of bad accents! Kaisers of the Cosmos! Dealing with nerdy fans! Criticizing the physics of the movie Gravity! Closed captioning for grandparents! Alfred Nobel's personal ad! Karen's Carmina Burana funeral plans! This year's Nobel Prize winners! What's your go-to charity? Karen's freshly shaven head! Fruit bat fellatio! Androgen-insensitive supermodels! Parents tracking your career via Google! Metallic 3D printing! Karen's Twitter nemesis!

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This week's episode comes to you from the second annual LA Podcast Festival (, with Matt and Andy welcoming Rhys Darby of Flight of the Conchords and Brandon Fibbs of New Race For Space and the reboot of Cosmos, to discuss: An explanation of winglets! Rhys's knowledge of Morse Code! The technological prowess of the New Zealand Army! The Cryptid Factor podcast! Sea serpents: The guardians of Atlantis! Rhys Darby: Sasquatch Whisperer! The upcoming return of Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson! Elon Musk's Mars plans! Space sex! Astronaut reality shows! Harvesting Helium-3 from the moon! Space lawyers! Giving birth in space! New Zealand's lack of awesome Australian animals! The intricacies of the Welsh language! Rhys sells the audience some raffle tickets!

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Matt, Andy and Jesse welcome podcasting pioneers Keith Malley and Chemda of Keith and The Girl fame to the show this week, covering a variety of topics including: Brooks's debut performance on SNL! The LA Podcast Festival! The wild west days of podcasting! Fan tattoos! Peter McGraw's upcoming Humor Code book! Estranged parents! What is clean comedy? The perfect musical ending to Breaking Bad! Having an intern clean the DNA off of your keyboard! Messing up the scientific studies of KATG! The hellscape that is Yahoo Answers! Monkeys that whisper! The government shutdown! Matt's perpetually happy face! The progression of British street youth! Jesse's undercover genius! Tomato/potato hybrids! The new ProbSci logo courtesy of Sally Grosart! Mastering self-pleasure in 10,000 hours! Jesse helps Stu buy a computer! Post-menopausal babies! Dancing with Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye! The Apollo 11 contingency speech!

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