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Brody Stevens (, @BrodyIsMeFriend) of both “Hangover” films, “Due Date” and general awesomeness, joins the gang to discuss: Favorite HBO Shows! Erotic thrillers! PG-13 boobs! The government’s “Avatar” ripoff! Prancertron-2000! Who’s worse at a party -- the guitar guy or the magic guy? Partying with Dane Cook and Jerry Cantrell! Listener feeback: Whales are delicious!, Resurrecting a 30,000-year-old plant! Vegan dogs! Tarzana: Actually named for Tarzan! Census-designated places! Russian gangster accents! ASU baseball! Brody’s 91 mph fastball! The world’s longest kidney chain! "Human Centipede": Not that good! The “Troll 2” dentist! A "Mythbusters" cannonball pulls a Family Circus through the 'burbs! Firing ranges with racist targets! Boozy fruit flies! Babies learn faster than we thought! Will the Hangover baby be traumatized? Poorly researched name-dropping! Calling out your friend’s "ALF" lies! The magic healing power of magnets! John Glenn’s historic space flight! Buzz Aldrin: Ultimate badass!

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Chelsea Lately's April Richardson ( sits in with the boys to talk about: Brooks making his own "Drive" lab gloves! Ryan Gosling & Tom Brady: attractive? Science proves that booze makes you smarter! Brooks got some eyeball pieces in his mouth! Should all scientists just work on cancer? April hates space, went to Space Camp! Robot camel jockeys! And that's not racist! Swiss space janitors! Which Batman is your generation's Batman? Salman Rushdie's Red Shoe Diaries! April: class clown or class heckler? Brooks gives everyone 100%! Don't judge flying 'til you've tried it! $23 million textbooks! Dueling mathematicians! Fermat's last theorem! Brooks had too much positive reinforcement!

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Comedian Kyle Kinane ( joins Matt, Brooks and Andy to discuss: Sexy snakes! C. Everett Koop dissecting cats! Pangaea 2: Tokyo Drift! Aliens and atheists! Human hypersleep! How the zebra got its stripes! War dolphins! Loose shakers! Deadly farting lakes!

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21 Jump Street's Johnny Pemberton ( talks with us about: Subliminal science projects! Fallback jobs! Using monkeys to measure radiation! Who would last in a zombie apocalypse? Shutting down Occupy LA! Chimp attacks! Brooks’ helper monkey! Warmest cold year on record? 2011: not so good for weather catastrophes! The Bill of Rights! Brooks and Johnny love guns! The God particle! Old Testament science! First humans to leave Africa! Mnemonic devices! 100th anniversary of reaching the South Pole! Johnny loves Antarctica!
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Matt's back, and we discuss: Horror movie bird flu! Are the Japanese whaling addicts? Brooks' borderline racist accents! Russian scientists disappear searching for prehistoric lake! Own your own drone! How big is that ice chunk? Turing's gayness pardoned!

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What killed all those New Zealand whales? Shooting nudist colony videos! What’s your worst job? World’s lightest substance! Extraterrestrial real estate! A vacuum is not nothing? Barry’s Conan suit! We're gonna be astronauts! Space Camp! Galileo!

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