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Dr. Christopher Schmitt ( is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Center for Neurobehavioral Genetics at UCLA, and his research in primatology focuses on primate development and life history. He joins Jesse, Matt and Andy this week to talk about his high school experiences with field work in Argentina, primate infanticide, collecting howler monkey urine, capucin monkeys sticking their fingers in each others eyes to chill out, the risks of taking selfies with dead hippos when there are lions nearby, floating vegetation islands that transport animals, old world/new world ape divergence, why certain primates are getting obese, Koko the gorilla's nipple obsession, competing brands of chimp-taggin RFID chips and how to get involved in field work right where you live.

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British comedian, actor, writer and radio personality Adam Buxton ( joins the proceedings this week to chat about: Messing up comedians' introductions! Sci-fi coverage of the papal inauguration! The history of the Shriners! Deciding on a uniform for an evil empire! Jaundice Shitstone! The counting skills of black bears! Whittling your fingers to type on a Blackberry! A digression on areolar Montgomery glands! Are female-named hurricanes killing more people than male-named ones? Working with Edgar Wright! Chimps beat humans at game theory! Adam's childhood tours of the USA with his travel writer father! Astronomers discover a mega-Earth 560 light years away! Jesse's incredible Rocky impressions! Adam's hilarious show Bug!

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Comedian/podcaster/director/writer/producer/Viner Jason Nash ( returns to the podcast this week just ahead of the release of his first feature film to talk with the gang about: Who gets credit for living at Bluebell? Jason’s Ron & Fez appearance! The upcoming movie JASON NASH IS MARRIED that Andy produced! Shooting scenes with Andy Richter and Jon Benjamin at Bluebell! Matt’s frustration with check-obsessed America! Jason’s reaction to Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover! Erasing memories and bringing them back! Explaining binary information to Jason! New research showing how sleep is good for your memory! Jason’s upcoming appearance on Funniest Wins! New information on how the Moon was formed! Would listeners contribute to help us record the podcast in zero gravity? A debate on parabolic flights! New research on why Facebook bums you out! Jesse’s decision to leave Facebook! Shitty comedy club introductions! The discovery of the largest dinosaur ever! How changing your facial expression changes first impressions!

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British comedy writer Sarah Morgan ( found herself stateside this week for MaxFunCon and was kind enough to join Matt, Andy and Jesse to talk about: What constitutes The Holidays! Teaching British comedy! Americans rooting for bro heroes! Jesse overhearing Andy's ukulele rendition of Tiny Dancer! The lyrical prowess of Boynie Toypin! Head trauma that created a math savant! A defense of common core math! Children's natural skepticism of circular arguments! Jesse's nightmarish stuffed animals! Turning light into matter! Maybe no one knows how static electricity works! Matt chipping his teeth in a children's science museum! The protein that unites sperm and egg! Updates on male birth control! Our first on-air earthquake!

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