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Comedian Beth Stelling ( joins Matt and Andy this week for a special late-night recording in Andy's bedroom, covering: Mirrored headboards! Google's mapping of the human body! Slim Goodbody! Bats navigating via polarized light! Real 3D vs. fake 3D! Stella Luna and megabats! Gecko orgies in space! The cancer-fighting effects of cat poop! The Nobel Peace & Quiet Prize!

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Comedian/director Jordan Brady ( and his rapping, backflipping son Ben join the festivities with Matt, Andy and Jesse this week to discuss: Gangta rap historians! Jordan's invention of "bow-chicka-wow-wow"! Filming I Am Comic at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival! Matt's Last Comic Standing experience! Living like a road comic! Lacerta lizard people! Pluto possibly getting reinstated as a planet! The magic of British World Cup commentators! Suspended animation for gunshot victims! Fish-eating spiders! Grolar bears! Improving your sense of smell with the help of booze! Good news and bad news about AIDS! A new way for the Chinese to extract sperm!

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Friend of the show and past guest TJ Chambers ( rejoins the festivities this week to help Matt, Jesse and Andy get to the bottom of: Listener-made indie video games! Brooks news! Holland vs. The Netherlands! Delicious Lagunitas IPA! The TJs of porn! The origin of gangsta rap! Recording the podcast at the Gathering of the Juggalos! Chimpanzee fads! The short films of TJ Chambers! Bear fellatio! The origin of Winnie the Pooh! The Marginot Line! A massive ocean inside Earth! Volcano diamonds! An invisibility cloak for the sense of touch! The debatable cancer-prevention effects of farts! Testing for the seminal taste effects of pineapple! A real-world warp drive! Time tacos! What to do when traveling back in time! The upcoming Los Angeles Podcast Festival!

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Probably History is back! This week Jesse, Richard and Andy welcome the very funny David Cope ( to take a stab at covering over 60 years of video game history. Enjoy!

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Comedian Renee Gauthier ( and nuclear physicist/comedian Kevin Peter Hickerson ( join Matt and Andy this week to talk about: Matt's inability to wink! The actual cost of going to the moon! Renee's dance lessons! Working near CERN! Studying neutrinos! Shielding your experiments with the lead from sunken Roman ships! The end of the latest season of Ridiculousness! Debunking the story about the computer that passed the Turing test! The mysterious death of Alan Turing! A massive ocean inside the earth! The tongue strength of a horned frog! Singles sites for science enthusiasts! The upcoming PhD Movie sequel (!

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