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Mortician, author, blogger, YouTube personality and death advocate Caitlin Doughty (@TheGoodDeath) invites Matt, Jesse and Andy into her home to talk about all things death, including her book Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, The Order of the Good Death, death rituals around the world, the history of embalming in the US, what goes down in a crematory, why dead bodies aren't dangerous to be around, our society's disconnect with its dead, the Disneyland of Death and how to prepare yourself and your loved ones for that eternal dirt nap that's headed our way.

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Comedian/actor/writer Robin Ince (@robinince) and physicist/host/musician Brian Cox (@ProfBrianCox), both of BBC Radio's The Infinite Monkey Cage, were kind enough to sit down with Matt and Jesse while they were stateside for a recent live performance, discussing David Lynch's America, why the queen is common, Alzheimer's being treated by ultrasoundBrian's pop group D:Ream, the silliness of What The Bleep Do We Know!?NPR's survey of great podcast episodesThe EPR Paradoxmanifest causality in quantum field theorythe Large Hadron Collider rebootBrian's upcoming BBC television show Forces of Naturebeing wrongfully accused of arson, Andy's obsession with The Jinx and The Staircase, getting to perform with Eric Idle and ELO's Jeff Lynne and Andy's anger about the success of the Matt and Jesse episode.

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Comedian and host of Nikki & Sara Live Sara Schaefer (@saraschaefer1) joins the proceedings this week to talk about her debut album Chrysalis, denim facts, David Attenborough, phony pheromones, why adolescents are dumber, old nana orcas who help the pod, time travel plans and 9/11 tales, head transplants, Tiki bars, average penis size and the labia library.

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Original SNL cast member and founding member of The Groundlings Laraine Newman (@larainenewman) joins the show this week to tell tales of the early days of Saturday Night Live, not to mention her myriad voice acting rolessmoking mimes, Tiki pioneers, teachers with wet lower lips, Dan Aykroyd's house, SNL40, frog dissection and horror movies, spider painkillers, worms that crawl in and out, ancient twins, DNA-rendered faces, Subway Jared sightings, coffee and MS, and Delancey Place.

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Original Probably Science co-host Brooks Wheelan (@brookswheelan) returns to the show after spending a year on Saturday Night Live, not to mention appearing on Girls, Conan, and Late Night with Seth Meyers, to give the inside scoop on what it's like to join the cast of the most iconic sketch comedy series ever, RHCP tattoos, Terry Crews and David Prowse, handshake-smellingJuggalos and tattoo removal creamsbird strikes, New York stories, Brooks's new albumwhy bubbles don't spill, the shovel video and urban legends about celebrity stomach-pumpings.

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