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Comedian and Emmy-nominated writer David Angelo ( made a name for himself on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon before moving out west in 2012, and he joins Matt, Andy and Jesse Case this week to discuss: Fiscal responsibility! eEconomics! Apprenticing as a sandwich artist! Martial arts legend Benny The Jet Urquidez! Yngwie Malmsteen! The effects of light and darkness on cabbage! Curing cancer! A listener microwaves grapes! Science advances courtesy of Denny's! Traveling to Mars via nuclear propulsion! The social contagion of applause! Playing remedial viola! Dick Bright's SRO! Andy and Jesse's roommate writes a screenplay! Andy's jury duty! Advencements in wooden batteries! David gets out of a ticket using a photo of his doppelganger!

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Theoretical physicist, author and Barnard College of Columbia University professor Janna Levin ( invited Matt and Andy to her temporary Venice home where she resides while working at Caltech, and she helped this installment of Probably Science have perhaps the most actual science of any episode yet, delving into: Andy's house troubles! The mathematical basis of theoretical physics! Einstein's explanation of Mercury's odd orbit! Black holes orbiting in three-leaf clovers! Building a device to detect the sounds of oscillating space-time! Black holes banging on the drum of space! Trying to wrap your head around what's actually in a black hole! An explanation of Hawking radiation! Tooling on the pseudo-science movie What The Bleep Do We Know! Chalkboards vs. whiteboards! Andy finally (sort of) understanding relativity! How a black hole could theoretically evaporate! The Large Hadron Collider: Nothing to worry about! The music of Warren Malone! Janna's Moth talk!

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Probably Science prodigal son Brooks Wheelan is back! It's been too long, but the Matt-Andy-Brooks triumvirate has reformed, at least for an episode, to get to the bottom of: Apple Records! Hipster Zunes! What Brooks will steal from your awful party! Craig's newfound fame! A Probably Science ripoff! The new Journey singer! Brooks getting a motorcycle! Brooks's ProbSci Rumspringa! Woolly mammoth blood! How much does North Korea really believe? Cockroaches getting too smart for our tricks! Jon Bon Jovi makes an appearance! Light shows with microwaved grapes! Seratonin's impact on sexual preference! Charles Dorner's Hangover manifesto shoutout! Too much radiation to go to Mars! Motion sickness in space! Smarter people don't pick up things in the background! Would you give up intelligence for happiness? Cheating with beta-blockers! Brooks on Adam Devine's House Party! Camping in Joshua Tree!

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You can see the hilarious Rory Scovel ( on the upcoming TBS comedy Ground Floor, and he joins Matt, Andy and Jesse this week to discuss: Amazon pilots! Small towns with character! Eating in silence! The secret lives of parents! Live-streaming improvised standup! More mosquito news! Saving a baby with a 3D printer! Using avatars to shut up the voices in your head! People with bendy chimp feet! Creepy barefoot pictures of Brice Beckham! Measuring almost absolute zero! Playing guitar while getting brain surgery!

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