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Pride of Fargo Amber Preston (@PrestonParty) joins Matt and Andy to talk about midwest accents, farmers and fake interview pick-up techniques, whether video games produce violent people or not, smoking birds, violent ancient farmersbooks that purify waterthe most electric place on earth, and whether swimming in lightning dangerous.


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Comedian/actor extraordinaire Matt Knudsen (@mattknudsen) joins Matt and Andy to discuss Home Alone sequels, Ghostbuster, pseudoscience and snake oil, Coca Cola skeptics, merchant marines, Brian and Dolph, space elevators, LED light pollutionwhy global warming is good for the rich and the incredible octopus.

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Past guest and current host of Syfy's Reactor David Huntsberger (@huntsbergerjunk) joins the proceedings to welcome a Skyped-in Jesse Case and talk about rodeo facts, the awakeness drug Provigil, buff babies, cheating in war, Chinese fire drills, Korean pears for hangovers, neanderthals' massive eyes that may or may not have caused extinctiontiny new unafraid dwarf lemurs and official Probably Science T-shirts.

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Friends of the show and past guests Matt Braunger (@braunger) and Auggie Smith (@auggiesmith) return to the show to talk with Matt and Andy about Toblerone sizes, early detection cancer urine tests, shirtcocking, the EPA’s river fuck-up, arsenic and widows, why women are always cold, dumb kids and money-raising, using shade balls to protect reservoirs, the web’s too-weak random numbers, Benford’s Lawbeauty myths and contagious hotness and tiger calls.

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The hilarious Jesse Popp (@JessePopp) joins Matt and Andy to talk about his former life as a blackjack card-counter, a newly discovered tessellating pentagon, Penrose tiling, Fermat's Last Theorem, space lettuce, giant marrows, angry people in local newspapers, pumpkins smashing cars, a goat-throwing festival, dreamy eye movements, brain-scanning software, Hannibal's mask prototypes, brain dipsticks and trepanning. Don't forget to visit to get tickets to watch Probably Science in person in Los Angeles on September 19th, or buy access to the festival's live video stream and save $5 with the code SCIENCE.

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Multi-talented comedian/musician Drennon Davis (@DrennonDavis) is coming off of a breakout performance on Conan with friend of the show Karen Kilgariff, and he joins Matt and Andy to talk about why Macs suck, past guest Matt Faulkner's latest Tesla coil project, Drennon's inventor/cold fusion proponent grandfather and his many projects, earthquake-jumping and rock-balancingold mice with young blood, more fantastical EM drive stuff, chatting bonobos, 3D-printed drugs, David Lynch impressions and an Ebola vaccine.

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