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Matt and Andy welcome comedy's Maria Shehata (@MariaShehata) and Nick Dixon (@nickdixxon) to the show to talk about the discovery of penicillin, vaginal steaming, poop transplant pills, autism and gut flora, standing on escalators, man/woman flu, why hangovers get worse as you age, and bringing a tortoise species back to life.

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MythBusters' Adam Savage (@donttrythis) and musical comedy duo extraordinaire Paul and Storm (@paulandstorm) join Matt (@mattkirshen) and Andy (@andytwood) for a live performance at the California Academy of Sciences (@calacademy) as part of SF Sketchfest (@SFSketchfest), discussing science myths that won't die, Billy Joel videos, our overeducated audience, soaking kiwis and the wet strength of Charmin. This episode is brought to you by 1Password. Simplify your online life and stop worrying about remembering dozens of passwords by visiting for 25% off of your 1Password purchase.

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Matt and Andy are back from a holiday hiatus to welcome Last Comic Standing alum Ryan Conner (@rccomedy) to the podcast, delving into topics including the passing of David Bowie, Alvin Stardust, British pantomimes, American and British Gladiators, computer programming, Andy Sidaris movies, a mountain lion with horrifying teeth growing out of its head, praying mantises in 3D glasses, wine story corrections, types of drunks, sperm switches, bone foam, Ryan's family and adult industry namesake and Ryan's podcast Caligula's Grotto.

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With Jesse and Matt still out of town, Andy invited friends of the show TJ Chambers, Rylee Newton, Travis Clark, Karl Hess, Laura House, Jackie Kashian and Mitch Burrow to give recommendations on things from 2015 that are worth checking out. Enjoy this attempt at positivity and please forgive the poor sound quality and near-constant crosstalk. We'll be back with new episodes soon! Happy 2016!

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