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The delightful Karen Gillan ( of Doctor Who and the upcoming films Oculus and Guardians of the Galaxy returns to the program this week to help Matt, Jesse and Andy celebrate the 100th episode of Probably Science, covering a wide range of topics including: Matt’s electrical problems! Andy's sugarfree gum-loving rats! The wonders of the number 100! Ab inflation! A message from Brooks Wheelan! Why does no one remember that Jesse lives at Bluebell? Karen hanging outside with the cool kids! Karen’s upcoming horror film Oculus! Sheltering child actors from the terrifying movies they’re in! Children’s innate belief in immortality! The excommunication of Halley’s Comet! Matt and Andy’s trip to the trampoline park! Early humans picking up bad genetic traits by mating with Neanderthals! The Scottish royal mental asylum! Jonas Salk’s 100th birthday and the history of the polio vaccine! Rutherford’s atomic discoveries of 1914! The 100th anniversary of the gun synchronizer! Dipping blood cells in acid to make stem cells! Non-hormonal, reversible, cheap male birth control! The Addams Family electric shock game! Karen’s stint in a Coney Island freak show! Karen’s horror movie scream abilities! The chart of English larval progression! Competing listener donations! Stephen Hawking’s black hole update! Our upcoming live show on the topic of sleep! Greatest hits from our first 100 episodes!

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The hilarious Dwayne Perkins ( joins the crew this week to talk about: Piscopo-ing and Carrot Topping! Texting parents! Depressing 99 cent store purchases! Dogs aligning themselves with the earth's magnetic field to poop! The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island! A computer 1,500 years ahead of its time! Learning to drive as an adult! Squarespace's Care Bear Lair! Gigantopithecus brought down by sweet, sweet fruit! Dying carnivores changing the courses of rivers! Jesse's attempts at getting real jobs! Baiting a rat trap with almond butter! A black hole sucking up a giant gas cloud! Composing a song based on auditory hallucinations!

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Science and comedy collide once again this week as Dr. Peter McGraw (, author of the upcoming book The Humor Code, and Man School podcast host Caleb Bacon ( join Jesse, Matt and Andy to talk about: Jesse’s near death polar vortex experience! Whatever the Fahrenheit scale is based on! Pre-ordering The Humor Code! Michael McDonald’s Probably Science backing vocals! An audiophile rendition of Probably Science! Ramona Quimby’s street! Recording an album in Guitar Center! The Dennis Miller reference generator! Peter McGraw: Wanted: Dead or Alive! Japan’s comedic oligarchy! Tanzania’s laughter outbreak! PBA: The laughing disease! Comedy in the West Bank! Homonyms and homophones! The comedy terrorist! Humor in Auschwitz! Comedy as a thermometer vs. a thermostat! Democrats vs. Republicans as comedy audiences! The Benign Violation Theory! The Seinfeld vs. Silverman approach! Becoming immunized to comedy!

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Comedians Emily Heller ( and Auggie Smith ( join Matt and Andy on the first episode of the new year, discussing: Suck My Dick, New Yorker! Two and one half dollars! Cheat sheets! Eighth grade listeners and science fairs! Making belly button cheese! The polar vortex! Throwing boiling water in the air! The lack of great comedy sequels! Eclipsing binary asteroids! Cliche dorm room posters! The unicycling guy on campus! River blindness! Doing comedy for a glass company! One-in, one-out social networks! Upworthy spoilers! Quitting Facebook! The Dennis Miller Reference Generator! Probably Science at SF Sketchfest February 8th!

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