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Probably Science

Jan 14, 2014

Science and comedy collide once again this week as Dr. Peter McGraw (, author of the upcoming book The Humor Code, and Man School podcast host Caleb Bacon ( join Jesse, Matt and Andy to talk about: Jesse’s near death polar vortex experience! Whatever the Fahrenheit scale is based on! Pre-ordering The Humor Code! Michael McDonald’s Probably Science backing vocals! An audiophile rendition of Probably Science! Ramona Quimby’s street! Recording an album in Guitar Center! The Dennis Miller reference generator! Peter McGraw: Wanted: Dead or Alive! Japan’s comedic oligarchy! Tanzania’s laughter outbreak! PBA: The laughing disease! Comedy in the West Bank! Homonyms and homophones! The comedy terrorist! Humor in Auschwitz! Comedy as a thermometer vs. a thermostat! Democrats vs. Republicans as comedy audiences! The Benign Violation Theory! The Seinfeld vs. Silverman approach! Becoming immunized to comedy!