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British comedian/actor/writer Andi Osho ( now lives here in the US, where she's recently appeared on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and @midnight, and she joins Matt, Jesse and Andy this week for a listener-centric episode focused on topics sent in by our lovely fans, including: The speed of gravity waves! How to pronounce Trygve! Andy's Nicaraguan rental car! Jesse and Andy's roommate's iTunes woes! Jesse's dad was a mall Santa! The gray area of children's photos! Ridiculously fast LED-based Li-Fi internet connectivity! A fluid dynamics discussion of fart dissipation! A scientific analysis of urinal splashback! Dogs reacting to the directions of fellow dogs' tail wags! Why spoilers might increase your enjoyment of a story! Junk DNA corrections!

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Actor Samm Levine ( who made a name for himself on Freaks and Geeks and Inglourious Basterds and comedian Susan Burke ( who's received rave reviews for writing the film Smashed join Matt, Andy and Jesse this week to discuss: All-night comedy shows at UCB! Halloween robot costumes! Samm's Short Circuit 2 nostalgia! Samm playing doctor as a kid! Losing to Jon Hamm in the Leonard Maltin game! Monkeys who are hardwired to be scared of snakes! Hotel living! Jesse's fake Zagat binder for solo dining! The perks of priesthood! The secret to sneaking into things! Using levitating droplets of water to create nanoparticles! Samm's gold-collecting dentist father! Using teeth to make replacement eye lenses! Actress Hedy Lamarr's frequency-hopping spread-spectrum invention! The early days of Jim Jones! Asteroid-hunting space telescopes!

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Hilarious writers/comedians/producers Scotty Landes ( and Heather Thomson ( join Matt, Andy, and Jesse this week for the show.  Man about town James Austin Johnson ( sits in for color commentary!  Together, they dive deep into: Pepto Bismol!  Scientific Hippie poetry!  Sitting in the shower!  Women are better multitaskers!  Self-pleasuring in cars!  Rubbernecking!  Professional hugging!  The science of Captchas!  Second rate sex parties!  Selling your own blood!  Robotic dogs!  Facial recognition software!  Animals doing math!  Sam Elliott!  India's space program!  Scratch-off tickets and champagne!

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Caltech and LIGO physicists Jamie Rollins and Larry Price ( join Andy, Jesse and Matt to up the Science:Probably ratio for just one week as they discuss: Why we don't go straight through tables! What's inside an atom! Why chemistry isn't their forté! Dark matter and WIMPS! Gravity waves and what LIGO actually is! How to measure something that's smaller than the smallest thing you can think of! Putting experiments in space! What inspired Einstein to come up with relativity (hint - the two of them didn't agree on it)! How scientists fake getting a result to test each other! The feebleness of gravity!

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