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Comedian MK Paulsen (@mkpaulsen) joins Matt and Andy to talk about Crazy Frog, public policy, October Sky, RIP radioactive boy scout, a heart of spinach, German fake suns, beating cancer and stopping aging, corrections corner, Andy's new swim teammate, strep, the Ten Commandments, tits on Nazis and chimp death rituals.

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Comedian Phoebe Bottoms (@phoebebottoms) and returning guest TJ Chambers (@tjchambersLA) join Andy and Matt to discuss the Boaty McBoatface submarine, sirens and pigs, breaking up with your physics teacher, naughty snooping dildos, microphones in your pocket, why avoiding gluten might hurt you, unvaccinated Australians, OCD, which animals you can't keep as pets, why plastic is still bad, why licking video games is no fun anymore, Egg-wina and pee danger.

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Hot on the heels of her recent Tonight Show appearance, comedian Candice Thompson (@jokesbyCandice) joins Matt and Andy to talk about Punching Henry, the movie Matt is in with Henry Phillips, ASMR, Richard Simmons, anti-Brit racism, what zoo animals taste like, Neanderthals’ medication, mini-pigs and films about them, iCondoms, 3D printing medical supplies and pizzas, swimming pool pee and dog fMRIs.

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Comedian and actor Johnny Pemberton (@johnnypemberton) of Son of Zorn joins Matt and Andy to discuss water shortage solutions and Indiegogo lies, pipe bombs, ulcerative colitis, money you can piss on, a better way to crowdsource, training bees to play with balls, chiropractic, more opinions on cats and toxo, saving polar ice and eating da poo-poo.

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