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Original co-host Brooks Wheelan (@brookswheelan) and LA PodFest co-founder/The Dollop host Dave Anthony join Matt and Andy for a live Probably Science from the Millenium Biltmore hotel in downtown Los Angeles as part of the 2017 Los Angeles Podcast Festival.

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Comedian and host of the Tea With Alice podcast Alice Fraser (@aliterative) joins Matt and Andy to discuss jet lag, breaking the seal, MS, a duck update (duckdate?) with video, a body clock Nobel Prize, Dr. Matt Walker’s new sleep book, a LIGO Nobel Prize and Janna Levin’s book on it, the downside of grass-fed beef, and cargo cults.

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Comedian Sharon Houston (@sharon_houston) joins Matt and Andy to discuss flavor profiles, hurricane prep, Hemingway lookalikes, wolverines, duck dicks, finger phone contact, genes vs. alleles, the concept of zero, chisanbop counting, zapping people out of vegetative states, spider sacrifice and more duck dicks.

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Comedian Casey Ley (@caseywley) joins Andy and Matt to talk about Andy's car, gay genes, gay face and AI, the first openly gay guy ever, snow leopards becoming less endangered, the end of Cassini, whether or not Saturn would float in water, the first live 4K video from space, the life of Sam Blackman, and Casey's podcast.

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Comedian and author of Real Artists Have Day Jobs (and three other books) Sara Benincasa (@SaraJBenincasa) invited Matt and Andy into her kitchen to talk about Burning Man, Woodstock '99, talking people down from drugs, creating cryptocurrencies, Space Camp vs. Space Academy, whiskey dilution, faces trained on Skype, Zika for brain tumors, and the secret messages contained in dogs' sneezes.

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Applied Physics Laboratory engineer (and Andy's old college roommate) Dipak Srinivasan returns to the podcast to talk about his work on the Mercury MESSENGER mission, the Pluto New Horizons flyby (that'll also soon be visiting Kuiper belt object 2014 MU69), and most importantly, the upcoming Parker Solar Probe and a mission to Jupiter's moon Europa, the most likely place in our solar system to find extraterrestrial life.

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Comedy's Kara Klenk (@karaklenk) joins Matt and Andy to talk about why Trump isn't good for comedy, bad forensics, hungry thinky worms, penis biting, bleach enemas to cure autism, slugs, Canaanites who just won’t die and The Goldwater Rule.

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Comedian Heather Thomson (@CasualVelvet) joins Andy and Matt to discuss early email addresses, Woodboys, laws of mathematics that don’t apply in Australia, why chimps are pussies, how humans can out-jog horses, antibiotic lies, reversing brain damage with oxygen, Moon water, and the avocado hand epidemic.

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Comedian Jim Hegarty (@jimhegarty) joins Matt and Andy to talk about good and bad TV, the Up Series, fireworks contamination, dog domestication, junk DNA, the crazy fly book price, Brewster’s Millions rules, egg shapes and egg refrigeration.

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Jason Reich (@jasonmreich), the head writer of The Jim Jefferies Show, joins Matt and Andy to discuss eating street apples and syringes, Vegas strategy, an HIV cure, why job interviews are bullshit, old dads with geeky sons follow-up, gonorrhea vaccines, vaquitas, fireworks technology, Alex Jones before and (redder) after and what Goop has in common with Infowars.

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