Probably Science

Comedian and IT professional Andrew Solmssen ( joins the crew this week for a discussion of: Rating the podcast's hosts on Lulu! Getting matched with a comedian/prostitute on Tinder!! Gilbert chemistry sets! The Radioactive Boy Scout! Hacking the payphones in your dorm and the parking on your campus! Remembering 80MB hard drives that sold for $2,200! The severity of Apple's SSL security flaw! Jesse quitting Facebook! The illusion of digital privacy! A recent visible space rock crash on the surface of the moon! Looking at clips of severe Russian accidents as a profession! Doing IT for one-named pop stars! Holding Marlee Matlin's Oscar! Andrew's gadget recommendations! Facebook's $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp! Being a sysadmin vs. a programmer! Virtual machines! The discovery of a 4.4 billion-year-old crystal! Andrew and Andy's favorite iPhone game: Letterpress!

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The hilarious and charming Wendy Wason ( makes her second appearance on the podcast to talk with Matt, Andy and Jesse about: Andy's swim meet! Jesse and Matt shaving their legs! Matt's serial killer neighbor! How John Wayne Gacy got caught! Beautiful equations that mathematicians appreciate as art! A computer-generated math proof that's bigger than all of Wikipedia! The statistics of celebrity infidelity! A correction to our stem cell story! Edward Snowden's election as rector of Glasgow University! Early animals that didn't need oxygen! Wendy's dinner with Bryan Adams! New developments in fusion technology! Phone phreaking! Mitch Hedberg's final shows!

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This week's episode was recorded live at SF Sketchfest, with guests including sleep expert Professor Matthew Walker of UC Berkeley's psychology department, comedian Kurt Braunohler ( and a surprise drop-in from a Hollywood superstar!

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Comedian and host of the Comedy Film Nerds podcast Graham Elwood ( joins Matt, Andy and Jesse to discuss: Volunteer firefighters! Squarespace's Super Bowl ad! The Ear Buds podcasting documentary! Jesse's multimedia promise for the upcoming live Probably Science! Suing NASA for not looking hard enough for aliens! Negotiating with scalpers! Marijuana lowering suicide rates! Bill Nye debating a creationist! Jesse finds out that Squarespace sponsors the podcast! The reason sloths leave the trees to drop a deuce! The sum of all positive integers is -1/12! Andy's grudge match swim meet!

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