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Comedian Rye Silverman (@ryesilverman) joins Jesse, Andy and eventually Matt to discuss the legendary Marty & Elayne, trans facts, the Riddick man, how to spot a ghost, Andy's Lasik surgery, Rye as ModCloth's first transgender modelthe origins of life on earth, fracking and earthquakes, Yellowstone magma, Bitcoin vulnerablility, a shapeshifting frog, a catfish that looks like Greedo and Rye's new album Intimate Apparel.

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Comedian Ryan Singer (@RySing) joins the proceedings this week to talk about Eskimos, heart-to-heart hugs, the origin of toasting, when to use questions to influence people, the return of brontosaurusthe head transplant volunteer and the fears about what could happen to himdeaf people sneezing silentlywiping memories and the need for reinforcementWestern Razor (use code "science" for $5 off), lip-synching and the death of comedy, the world's first battery rocketa mesh that separates oil from water and Ryan's podcast Me & Paranormal You.

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Comedian and Bone Zone podcast host Brendon Walsh (@brendonwalsh) joins the gang to talk about Better Than Ezra, things that track, most favored nation clauses, the ubiquity of problematic, the greatest voicemail Andy ever received, how to call in sick, Alzheimer's and Reagan, Brendon's Mike Tyson encounter, the problem with human cannibalism, cleaning your brain surgery tools, laser wound healing, Scientology vs. Christianity, drinking the Flavor Aid, toilet paper methodsTerminator 2-style 3D printing, Western Razor (use offer code "science" for $5 off) and Brendon's amazing pranks.

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Professor of earth system science at UC Irvine and senior water scientist at NASA/JPL Jay Famiglietti (@JayFamiglietti) recently wrote an LA Times op-ed on the dire state of California's water supplies, catalyzing the nation and helping contribute to recent historic mandatory water restrictions from Governor Jerry Brown. Jay joins Matt, Jesse and Andy in an overly watered backyard to talk about California's drought, Jay's New York Times Quotation of the Day and his recent Real Time with Bill Maher appearance, using satellites to track water systems, forced acronyms in space programs, using surface water and reservoirs vs. dipping into groundwater reserves, agricultural vs. residential water consumption, why local rainfall doesn't help us get out of our water deficit, our antiquated water rights policies, peeing in the shower and the fact that Californians are going to have to get over their love of green grass from now on.

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