Probably Science

SF Sketchfest co-founder and Pop My Culture co-host Cole Stratton (@colestratton) joins Andy and Matt to discuss the upcoming Probably Science SF Sketchfest show on January 14th with Adam Savage, academic decathlons, bringing spoiled wine back to life, Phineas Gage, Strange Bedfellows and Chuck and Larry, Hogan vs. Sandler, the Amber neighbor mystery, an old satellite that came back to life, red mercury, letterboxing and summer births.

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Daniel Van Kirk (@danielvankirk) of The Wahlberg Solution, Hindsight, Sklarbro Country and much more joins Matt and Andy to talk about Wahlberg and sleeping, cow insemination, memory games, who can’t be president, Cruz behind the scenes, the Trump petition, outrage culture, the climate and smoking, Merchants of Doubt, profound bullshitDavid Avocado Wolfe, the surprising appearance of the far side of the Moon, TV quality, Bubbli, blindness and multiple personalities, movies based on the 10% of the brain idea and a Venus probe hack.

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