Probably Science

Comedian, musician and bestselling author Greg Behrendt (@gregorybehrendt) joins Matt and Andy to talk about the joys of riding bikes, Laird Hamilton shooting the pier in Malibu, teachers’ penises, cod accents, Nazis on meth, Provigil and sleep, black widow spider viruses, a correction to the intelligence story, Alan Turing music and Dr. Strange.

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Writer/comedian extraordinaire Lizzy Cooperman (@lizzycooperman) joins Matt and Andy to talk about Invisalign, fan death, having Lyme disease, Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics and medicine, self-eating boobs and the end of Rosetta.

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Comedian Shawn Pearlman (@shawnpearlman) joins Andy and Matt to talk about Shawn’s early movie effects, budgie rules for not colliding, boning young spiders, amateur turtle surgery, getting intelligence from your mother, a baby with three parents and the most accurate (and adorable) dinosaur renderings yet.

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