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Probably Science

Oct 2, 2013

Matt, Andy and Jesse welcome podcasting pioneers Keith Malley and Chemda of Keith and The Girl fame to the show this week, covering a variety of topics including: Brooks's debut performance on SNL! The LA Podcast Festival! The wild west days of podcasting! Fan tattoos! Peter McGraw's upcoming Humor Code book! Estranged parents! What is clean comedy? The perfect musical ending to Breaking Bad! Having an intern clean the DNA off of your keyboard! Messing up the scientific studies of KATG! The hellscape that is Yahoo Answers! Monkeys that whisper! The government shutdown! Matt's perpetually happy face! The progression of British street youth! Jesse's undercover genius! Tomato/potato hybrids! The new ProbSci logo courtesy of Sally Grosart! Mastering self-pleasure in 10,000 hours! Jesse helps Stu buy a computer! Post-menopausal babies! Dancing with Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye! The Apollo 11 contingency speech!