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Probably Science

Mar 4, 2014

Comedian/writer James Bachman (, That Mitchell and Webb Look) and comedian/podcaster Danny Lobell ( join Matt, Andy and Jesse to talk about: Almost failing physics and math at Cambridge! Nude women with flamethrowers at Burning Man! Sexy biology teachers! Having a Jewish-themed wedding! Jesse's high school friend dressing in blackface! Group theory! Danny's work medicating giant sea turtles! A recently unearthed 30,000-year-old megavirus! A polio-like outbreak in California! Older dads are more likely to have messed-up kids! Jesse as the spokesman for sober Taco Bell! The powerlessness of positive thinking! Turing machines! Could black holes be breaking the Eddington limit? A 3D-printed electronic glove for your heart! Danny Lobell's philosophy-themed podcast! Finding out that James wrote the hilarious Numberwang sketch!