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Probably Science

Mar 27, 2019

Returning guests Sarah Morgan (@sarahlmorgan) and Brendon Burns (@brendonburns) join Matt and Andy to talk about air travel, SpaceX’s new not-quite-manned flight, monkey peril, the Mars mission that may not be, rare semi-identical twins and a lot of talk about Brendon’s stonefish encounter. Listen to Brendon’s

Mar 21, 2019

Cannabis educator Emma Chasen (@echasen) and comedian Marcus Coleman (@MrMarcusColeman) join Matt and Andy for a live show in Portland as part of the Listen Up! festival, discussing the complex science of the effects of cannabis, the difficulties in researching it, and the many hard-to-dispell myths surrounding...

Mar 14, 2019

The final stop of the Probably Science Australia tour brings Andy and Matt to Melbourne on Valentine’s Day, where they welcome Sheree Marris (@shereemarris), author of Kama SEAtra, and returning guest Wil Anderson (@Wil_Anderson) to discuss the sex lives of aquatic creatures, male seahorses who birth thousands of...

Mar 6, 2019

Andy and Matt welcome comedian Liz Miele (@lizmiele) and astrophysicist/software engineer Samuel Hinton (@samreay) to the stage in Brisbane to talk about Brewsvegas pool parties, Australia's most retweeted tweet, the fun of e-scooters, lax Australian airport security, the various ways Matt has broken teeth, dyslexic...