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Probably Science

Aug 22, 2019

Actor/director Pollyanna McIntosh (@PollyAMcIntosh) of The Walking Dead, Lodge 49 and her directorial debut Darlin' joins Matt and Andy to discuss Dennis dentists, human-sized penguins, gay penguins with an egg, an ebola cure, good environmental news, bad environmental news and tails for old people.

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Aug 12, 2019

Comedian Jordan Doll (@razorlou) joins Andy and Matt to discuss old UK comedy, field archaeology, being a shovel bum, King Arthur’s various swords, massive parrots, the periodic table of Jeopardy!, tardigrades on the moon, disinfecting Mars, water-filtering wood, toxic Paris, Maya Angelou ads, problematic pics and The...

Aug 2, 2019

Comedian KT Tatara (@kttatara) joins Matt and Andy to talk about a CRISPR sickle cell cure, a mysterious radiation leak linked to Russia, Mr. Wizard, Bob Lazar and UFOs and bees' sense of the electric fields of flowers.

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