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Probably Science

Jul 26, 2020

Improv and comedy acting legend Mike McShane (@thismikemcshane) joins Matt and Andy to talk about the funniest kind of nudity, cognitive impairment tests, the limits of human eating, the star that's hurtling across the universe, a sperm robot story we've done before, and mathematicians boycotting the police.


Jul 16, 2020

Comedian Jonah Ray (@jonahray), host of Jonah Raydio and co-guest with Matt on TONIGHT'S episode of The Great Debate on Syfy, talks about his great Seeso show Hidden America, taking over MST3K (and his favorite episode), how flying snakes fly, hungry hungry black holes, Twitter hacks and Bitcoin scams, talking to

Jul 4, 2020

Comedian and host of the outstanding podcast Scattered Chris Garcia (@_chrisgarcia) joins Matt and Andy to discuss getting a little too much parental help with science fair projects, dolphins using tools, 3D printing inside the body and how burning coal 250 million years ago led to climate change.

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