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Probably Science

Jan 26, 2012

Comedian Mike Burns of the podcast Gentleman Scumbags ( Joins us to discuss: iPhone anger! It’s official: no secret government aliens! Why is Mike scared of quinceañera aliens? Spontaneously obese monkeys! Bob Seger! Squeezing into Air Jordans! Mike got stabbed in the back!...

Jan 25, 2012

Nick Rutherford ( joins us to discuss: Favorite dinosaurs! Land Before Time: documentary? Predicting gang violence with math! Fake Mars missions in Russian parking garages! The logic of gambling! Sending gold records to space! Arm wrestling documentaries! Did we find Scrat from Ice Age?

Jan 24, 2012

Matt, Brooks and Andy take on the week in science, delving into important matters including:

Comet close calls! Speeding neutrinos! Turing test -- is Matt a robot? How about Andy? Space junk! Seals and kangaroos: cute or a nuisance? Did Columbus's arrival cool the earth? The Glassblower's Oath: Thou shalt not make a...