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Probably Science

Aug 28, 2021

Comedian and fellow desert-dweller Caitlin Gill (@robotcaitlin) joins Matt, Jesse and Andy to discuss Mt. Etna growing 100 feet, 9,000 Covid cases from Euro 2020 games and ants using soil physics to excavate tunnels that last decades.

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Aug 19, 2021

Jesse returns to the show to help welcome David B. Lyons (@david_b_lyons), a podcaster and film location manager who not only co-created Yacht Rock but also has the inside scoop on Norbit and why Eddie Murphy loves fat suits. David and the gang also discuss three volcanoes erupting simultaneously, curbing methane...

Aug 7, 2021

Comedian Nato Green (@natogreen) joins Andy and Matt to talk about his work as a labor organizer, his appearance in Sorry To Bother You, bird-eating centipedes, ancient trigonometry, cranking it to prevent prostate cancer and whales benefitting from covid.

This episode is brought to you by Wondrium, offering Probably...