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Probably Science

Mar 6, 2019

Andy and Matt welcome comedian Liz Miele (@lizmiele) and astrophysicist/software engineer Samuel Hinton (@samreay) to the stage in Brisbane to talk about Brewsvegas pool parties, Australia's most retweeted tweet, the fun of e-scooters, lax Australian airport security, the various ways Matt has broken teeth, dyslexic comedians, Liz's veterinarian parents, resume padding, being on Australian Survivor, dark matter and dark energy, proving Einstein right time after time, criticism of LIGO data analysis, the vacuum catastrophe, meeting Destruction Lane, Bayesian modeling, Roko's Basilisk, the plot of Annie 2, Andy meeting an AC/DC offspring, arXiv vs. viXra and Samuel's upcoming PhD thesis.

This episode is brought to you thanks to the generosity of Inspiring Australia and The Australian Society for Parasitology.