Probably Science (comedy)

Comedian, musician and bestselling author Greg Behrendt (@gregorybehrendt) joins Matt and Andy to talk about the joys of riding bikes, Laird Hamilton shooting the pier in Malibu, teachers’ penises, cod accents, Nazis on meth, Provigil and sleep, black widow spider viruses, a correction to the intelligence story, Alan Turing music and Dr. Strange.

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Writer/comedian extraordinaire Lizzy Cooperman (@lizzycooperman) joins Matt and Andy to talk about Invisalign, fan death, having Lyme disease, Nobel Prizes in chemistry, physics and medicine, self-eating boobs and the end of Rosetta.

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Comedian Shawn Pearlman (@shawnpearlman) joins Andy and Matt to talk about Shawn’s early movie effects, budgie rules for not colliding, boning young spiders, amateur turtle surgery, getting intelligence from your mother, a baby with three parents and the most accurate (and adorable) dinosaur renderings yet.

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Steele Saunders (@SteeleSaunders), host of I Love Green Guide Letters and Steele Wars, joins Matt and Andy to talk about mice and apologies, more body (not head) transplants. smoke bombs, weed vs. opioids in car crashes, bumper sticker flashing, Australians origins, and giraffes actually being many giraffes.

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Matt sits down with returning guest comedian Shane Mauss (@shanecomedy) to talk about his podcast Here We Are, his new tour all about psychedelics called A Good Trip, his early days as a more straightforward standup, his dalliances into evolutionary biology, the state of scientific research into recreational drugs, simulated near-death experiences, and the differences between trying ayahuasca and DMT.

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Comedians Christian Duguay (@christianduguay) and Emily Maya Mills (@emilymayamills) join Matt and Andy at Andy's new apartment to talk about screaming at roommates, burning ants, Hitler's disguises, bank robbery, infant simulators that actually increase teen pregnancy, Lucy’s death, a miraculous new painkiller, ecstasy/MDMA, Tasmanian devils developing cancer resistance and the ban on antibacterial soap.

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Comedians Ahmed Bharoocha (@ahmedbharoocha) and Auggie Smith (@auggiesmith) join Matt and Andy for the final recording from Bluebell Ranch, which happens to coincide with an apocalyptic forest fire in the area, and the crew discuss topics including bouncy castle economics, zorbs in Russia, a new hard material, the Mohs hardness scale, Pliny the Elder, the Randi paranormal challenge, new brain areas, listening to music while drinking, a new biohybrid creature, a Mars laser with free will, artwork damagers and what to call Ahmed’s album.

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Science teacher-turned-comedian Al Jackson (@aljackson) joins Matt and Andy for one of the final Bluebell recordings (also video streamed on Facebook here) to talk about ball-boiling as contraception, why flossing may not help you, steroids in sports, Al's research, stomach taps, old cars vs. new cars, firefighting equipment sharing and fire in space.

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Dr. Farah Alibay, a systems engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, invited Matt and Andy to her home in Highland Park to talk about her work on a real-world Armageddon mission to redirect an asteroid, CubeSats, giant geysers on Saturn's moon Enceladus, the importance of planetary protection and upcoming solar system exploration missions.

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Pacific Northwest comics Derek Sheen (@dereksheen) and Sean Jordan (@SeanSJordan) join Andy and Matt back at Bluebell to talk about going to a Scientology boarding school, non-ice cream heir Tony Robbins, amateur Australian ball surgery, Juno's pics of Jupiter, AIDS ceasing to be an epidemic in Australia, good news on the ozone hole's healing, and even more good news about finding new reserves of helium.

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