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Probably Science

Nov 19, 2012

Comedian and actor TJ Miller ( hosts Comedy Central's new show Mash Up, co-hosts the hilarious podcast Cashing In with TJ Miller, and has been a scene-stealer in movies and TV shows too numerous to mention. Matt, Brooks, and Andy venture to his loft this week to talk about: Being a fan of high school theater productions! Andy and Matt's competing Movember 'staches! Dad teachers! Name-dropping famous meals! Utica circuses! Major League pseudo-nudity! Mastering the art of sushi! John Stamos's parallel universe version of Full House! Matt's Hogwarts education! George Clooney's penis! TJ's brother Dennis! Growing your own balsa wood! Charles Darwin getting 4,000 write-in votes! Congressmen who don't believe in evolution! Hollywood billboards that aren't kid-friendly! Nic Cage's dinosaur skull! A wandering planet! TJ's fear of astronomy! Stephen Hawking using his mind to kick you in the dick! The great white shark isn't descended from megashark! TJ's juggling audition to become a member of the Magic Castle! Diseases of aging! Brooks's attempt at making a bloomin' onion! Which part of the brain helps you freestyle rap? TJ's arteriovenous malformation and subsequent brain surgery! Going crazy while making Yogi Bear 3D! Talking your friends and family into being ok with your possible death! Being a government-sponsored junkie! Belly button biodiversity! Prosthetic navels! The thrill of having your own Comedy Central page! Pick your favorite Probably Science mustache and donate to Movember!