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Probably Science

Aug 7, 2014

Up-and-coming comedians Brent Schmidt ( and Zach Pugh ( join Jesse and Andy this week to talk about: The Pickathon music festival! More headboard talk! Growing up in Sturgis, South Dakota! Re-purposing coal mines for science! Teenage nervous breakdowns! Falling off the wagon for a podcast sponsor! Losing your religion via the Internet! When did Hogwarts abandon muggle technology? The majesty of the apparently kid! Jesse's creepy nipple text from the sleep-eating roommate! Feathered dinosaurs! Forgetting about Hiroshima! The theory of humors! Tyrannosaurs hunted in packs! Growing up in a Chik-Fil-A family! Pizza Hut grease! Thinspiration! Making your body's organs transparent! Hidden biker girly magazines!