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Probably Science

Sep 17, 2013

Matt, Andy and Jesse welcome paleontology PhD candidate Kathleen Ritterbush to the show this week to discuss: Being the third man on The Dating Game! Roommate update: Stu's birthday is 9/11! Falling for the testicle-biting fish hoax! PhD superstitions and paperwork! Using fossils to determine skin and hair color! Teaching science to a boatload of evangelical kids! Thinking dinosaurs and humans coexisted! Paleontologists with Indiana Jones props! Kathleen comes bearing gifts of fossils! How fossils form! Chambered nautilus: The first submarine? The near-extinction of the amenites! What do we learn about marine ecology from mass extinctions? Studying the hydrodynamics of shells! Figuring out if you're looking at the fossil of a sponge! The bad science in M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening! Jesse gets compared to a schlubby squid! Cephalopod cosplay! Getting your wedding ring made out of snail fossils!