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Probably Science

Jul 29, 2012

Pride of Chicago Robert Buscemi ( guests with Matt, Brooks, and Andy this week as they dig into: Recording Set List in the UK! Space has a strange smell! Why is there vodka in space? Finding Pharaohs with missing fractals! Benford's Law! Those silly Microsoft programmers and their 0xB16B00B5! Measuring a river's meander! Oxbow lakes! Billabongs! Is impersonating a beekeeper a crime? Robert's cheerleading Hippocratic oath! Creating a complete computer model of an organism! Playing God: The sincerest form of flattery! What's an aquifer? Ethanol levels in the atmosphere are rising! Michael Winslow's work as a Prius voiceover artist! Why is every La Cucaracha car horn so wrong? Matt's science museum tooth loss!