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Probably Science

Sep 24, 2013

It's sports week here at Probably Science HQ, as Matt and Andy welcome to the show Sports Illustrated journalist and author of The Sports Gene David Epstein, as well as comedian Paul Morrissey, who played and coached college basketball, to dig into the meaty topics that David's excellent books discusses, including: Major league hitters who can't touch a 60mph softball! Being a short, white hustler at Venice Beach pickup basketball games! The excellence of Jamaican sprinters and Kalenjin distance runners! Being compared to Jimmy the Greek! What other sports could Lebron James have played? The anatomy of great pitchers! Getting critiqued by Malcolm Gladwell! Debunking the 10,000 hour rule! The genetics of wanting to train hard! The link between elite athletes and ADHD! The dangers of all-male stock trading! Andy's swimming career! The heart condition that claims the lives of many athletes! David's training advice for Matt!