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Probably Science

Jul 16, 2013

San Francisco-based comedian Colleen Watson (@colleen_watson) and Portland-based festival producer/podcaster Charlene Conley (@PatiohPatino) herald Matt's triumphant return from Convergence Con, digging into meaty topics including: The vegan/goth Venn diagram overlap! Portland-based Sasquatch clubs! Choosing to major in biopsychology to spite an ex-boyfriend! Hoods in the woods! Married guys have less AIDS! High-definition porn: Too much definition! Cutlery's affect on perceived flavor! Pineapple and cheese hedgehogs! Charlene's psychic family history! Making igloos! Sharknado! More dolphin rape talk! Marrying buildings! Unlimited teeth for future humans! 3D printing a rocket engine injector! The bullshit time travel rules of the Terminator franchise!