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Probably Science

May 2, 2024

Comedian Sierra Katow (@sierrakatow) joins Jesse, Andy and Matt to talk about her new standup special Funt, the upcoming appearance on Roots of Comedy with Jesus Trejo, the underrated Earth to Ned, Sierra's computer science background and childhood obsession with Neopets, Andy's head-scratching interaction with Anthropic's Claude AI, deadly pathogens that are attracted to human blood, the importance of robot insurancethe security issues raised by quantum computing, online Oregon Trail, a black hole lurking surprisingly close to Earth and To 29 and Beyond, coming to Outpost 29 on June 7-8, with Bobcat Goldthwait, NASA's Farah Alibay, stargazing, trivia, live music, karaoke and more, sponsored by Visit 29, Merch Kitchen and Sky Watcher Star Tours. For 15% off a Sky Watcher stargazing tour, use the code "29BEYOND".