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Probably Science

Feb 26, 2019

Matt and Andy descend upon Sydney for the third leg of the Australian tour, welcoming Ig Nobel Prize-winning researcher Callum Ormonde and comedian Jen Carnovale (@Jen_Carnovale) to talk about living down your sister's reputation, what to put in a microwave, the Ig Nobel Prize itself, how Callum accidentally unboiled an egg, past Ig Nobel nominees and winners who studied things like how a Moroccan emperor managed to father almost a thousand children, magnetically levitating a frog, why old men have big ears, how contact with a crocodile affects gambling decisions, using a didgeridoo to fix snoring, CEOs escaping natural disasters, putting a stick on a chicken's butt to make it walk like a dinosaur, human diet drugs satiating mosquitoes' bloodlust and Callum's TEDx talk.

This episode is brought to you thanks to the generosity of Inspiring Australia and The Australian Society for Parasitology.