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Probably Science

Jul 18, 2014

Friend of the show and past guest TJ Chambers ( rejoins the festivities this week to help Matt, Jesse and Andy get to the bottom of: Listener-made indie video games! Brooks news! Holland vs. The Netherlands! Delicious Lagunitas IPA! The TJs of porn! The origin of gangsta rap! Recording the podcast at the Gathering of the Juggalos! Chimpanzee fads! The short films of TJ Chambers! Bear fellatio! The origin of Winnie the Pooh! The Marginot Line! A massive ocean inside Earth! Volcano diamonds! An invisibility cloak for the sense of touch! The debatable cancer-prevention effects of farts! Testing for the seminal taste effects of pineapple! A real-world warp drive! Time tacos! What to do when traveling back in time! The upcoming Los Angeles Podcast Festival!