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Probably Science

Dec 17, 2013

This episode kicks off two weeks in a row of real science, as Matt, Jesse and Andy welcome Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, author of Newton's Football, and comedian/football fan Sarah Tiana ( to discuss Dr. Ramirez's new book, and more specifically: Footballs in humidors! Football suicide pools! Andy's football ignorance! The brutal early days of the sport! Football's concussion epidemic! A new style of safer tackling! Refrigerator Perry's rapping prowess! Desperation giving rise to the A-11 offense! Vince Lombardi's background as a science teacher! Choosing plays based on game theory! Waffle House waiters who are like quarterbacks! Risk-averse monkeys! The toe-less placekicker! Greg Cook's injury giving rise to the West Coast offense! The origin of the no-huddle offense! The reasons for the Michigan/Ohio State rivalry! Compulsory pep rallies! Andy's football announcer grandfather Bob Ufer!