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Probably Science

Apr 23, 2013

This week's episode was recorded live at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival ( in Portland, and it's... well... it's something. Andy Wood and Matt Kirshen are still recovering from this recording, which Matt has come to call "My personal Vietnam." Peter Serafinowicz ( and Gallagher ( joined them to discuss: James Randi! Gallagher holding court on the sidewalk! The hidden dangers of telephone poles! How to use the Internet to get smart! Al Gore-rhythms! Cutting the fat of chocolate in half! Gallagher's distaste for particle/wave duality, Cadillac trucks, spoon-forks and America's first bi-racial president! Coffee, chocolate and cocaine! Picture-winged flies dining on sperm! Earthquakes causing other earthquakes! Bridgetown's depression-based comedy! Erik the Red singlehandedly creating gingers! How stress can help red squirrels produce healthier pups! Gallagher's endorsement of dorsal breast implants! Beyonce's fake pregnancy! Gallagher's proposed dam to cut off Mexico's fresh water! A lengthy and very uncomfortable discussion of height and race! Gallagher's proposal to curb drunk driving! Gallagher's gubernatorial bid! Supernovae that are too big! Gallagher's proposal to get kids into gambling! Gallagher's many patents! Gallagher taking credit for the concept of splashing!