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Probably Science

Jul 23, 2012

Comedian and star of The Sarah Silverman Program, Steve Agee, sits in with Brooks, Andy and Matt to talk about: Alan Jackson's Summer Country betrayal! Bedroom ceiling star stickers! Brooks is a PR shill for Starbucks! The dark side of cornstarch! Non-Newtonian bullet-proof vests! An actual Columbia physics lecturer writes in re: the Higgs boson! Hunting elephants might not be the best idea if you're the president of a conservation group! Is the CEO of the worst person alive? Building a jellyfish out of rat hearts! Steve's reality TV background! The first-ever Science Speed Round! Steve's failed adolescent Molotov cocktail! Brooks trying to give himself the nickname "Reptile"! Dolphins using nonlinear math to see through air bubbles! Andy doing the Alcatraz swim! The first spiral galaxy in the universe! Open call for LA-area science-types to guest on the show! Brooks losing his phone to Summer Country! Dean Cain: Not a fan of Batman!