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Probably Science

Jun 18, 2012

Comedian and former molecular and marine biology major Tony Sam ( helps us celebrate ProbSci's silver anniversary by delving into meaty topics including: Birkenstock memories! Brooks’s Summer of Country! Stealing boomboxes from crappy comedy shows! Brooks is going to see That’s My Boy for some reason! Andy’s Pacific Northwest comedy adventures! Tony’s work as a Caribbean aquarium biologist! Giving HIV to humanized BLT mice! Hiding at work! Protecting the ocean surrounding Australia! The Parrothead epidemic! Getting asked to leave Margaritaville! Six-pack summer! Cerveza Caguama! Staying in a youth hostel at 35! Brooks is going to Europe! Speech-learning robots! Colonizing Mars! Magic kits! The first female Chinese astronaut! More borderline-racist Asian accent impressions! You have-a dis-a-respected-a my daughter-a! A secret Air Force plane has landed! Captain Cook’s awesome story! The Probably Science book club!