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Probably Science

Jun 11, 2012

Talented comedian/actress/musical improv coach/science enthusiast Eliza Skinner ( sits in with Andy and Brooks to talk about: Playing a hooker on Conan! Rocket scientist family members! The Patriot missile test launches! Hands-on science museums! More Wisconsin Dells memories! Being a woman who likes Cronenberg movies! Brooks hasn’t seen Aliens! Buy a space poster, win a trip to space! Andy trying to reunite the band Wilco in the style of Parent Trap! DC Hardcore music! Eliza’s punk inclinations! Krishna-core! Favorite modes of mass transit! Brooks is heading to Europe! Hard Rock Cafe Auschwitz? Why can’t you use your phone on a plane? Andy’s love/hate relationship with sports! More moon size debates! Confusing Sams Neil, Shepard, and Elliott! Brooks loves Tennessee Williams! Kickass seagrass! The Sesame Street sassy clam! The sitcom Dinosaurs! Professor Brooks Seven Wheelan leaves his ferret at a hotel! Poorly thought-out prank phone calls! Prosthetic robot arms! Sci-fi prognostication!