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Probably Science

Jun 4, 2012

Last Comic Standing finalist and Guys With Feelings host Jason Nash ( joins Brooks and Andy to try to figure out where Matt is, and to dig into some of life's meatiest quandaries, including: Does Andy have a weird voice? Brooks does an awful Matt impression! Jason recruits a neighborhood six-year-old to help him beat Wii games! Rob Dyrdek moves into Jason’s neighborhood! More weirdness about Andy’s roommates! Are we The Avengers of comedy and science? The science of superheroes! Bruce Jenner and The Hulk! Private spaceflight! The eclipse! Co-ed future showers in Paul Verhoeven movies! Parenting advice from Jason! Hippie houseguests! DNA tests of Bigfoot specimens! Favorite mythical creatures! The “Exotic Becomes Erotic” theory of sexual orientation! Prostate screening: Not as fun as it sounds? A Mongolian T. Rex skeleton goes up for auction! Visiting the dystopia that is LG's headquarters in Gumi, South Korea! The science behind toy envy! Tobey Maguire tries to rally the crowd at a Roger Waters concert!