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Probably Science

Mar 18, 2012

Auggie Smith (, winner of the Seattle and San Francisco International Comedy Competitions, sits down with the boys in Andy’s backyard to talk about: Auggie and Andy trying out for Jeopardy! Matt explains what “gunged” means! Guiding lightning with lasers! Matt’s Dickensian childhood! Babies are smarter than computers! Is Carl Weathers a poor man’s Clark Gable? Who’s your favorite painter? Did Bill Murray think “Garfield” was a Coen Brothers movies? Brooks and Andy’s juvenile “Into the Wild” fixations! What do you do when your island ends up underwater? Setting the 3-D nanoprinting speed record! Going to space: Bad for your eyes? Chuck Yeager: Bigger badass than Buzz Aldrin? Thumbs up or thumbs down on foreskins and motorcycles? Isaac Newton’s apocalyptic predictions! Has anyone turned down being knighted?