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Probably Science

Feb 26, 2012

Brody Stevens (, @BrodyIsMeFriend) of both “Hangover” films, “Due Date” and general awesomeness, joins the gang to discuss: Favorite HBO Shows! Erotic thrillers! PG-13 boobs! The government’s “Avatar” ripoff! Prancertron-2000! Who’s worse at a party -- the guitar guy or the magic guy? Partying with Dane Cook and Jerry Cantrell! Listener feeback: Whales are delicious!, Resurrecting a 30,000-year-old plant! Vegan dogs! Tarzana: Actually named for Tarzan! Census-designated places! Russian gangster accents! ASU baseball! Brody’s 91 mph fastball! The world’s longest kidney chain! "Human Centipede": Not that good! The “Troll 2” dentist! A "Mythbusters" cannonball pulls a Family Circus through the 'burbs! Firing ranges with racist targets! Boozy fruit flies! Babies learn faster than we thought! Will the Hangover baby be traumatized? Poorly researched name-dropping! Calling out your friend’s "ALF" lies! The magic healing power of magnets! John Glenn’s historic space flight! Buzz Aldrin: Ultimate badass!