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Matt and Andy traveled to downtown LA's Pershing Square and City Hall to take part in the March for Science, along the way speaking with various groups who had set up booths for the event, and even a neuroscientist listener who took the time to chat about her work giving cocaine to mice.

Don't forget that Probably Science (and Andy and Matt individually) will be performing live at Portland's Bridgetown Comedy Festival on May 7th. Get your festival passes now at

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Married comedians Mary Mack (@marymackcomedy) and Tim Harmston (@timharmston) sit down with Andy and Matt to talk about Frog rockets, orchestral doubling, Army band status, Guy Fawkes, accidentally melting science, dinobirds, kids with beaks, triple yolks, yogurt toppings economics, the book-stacking problem and why shoelaces come untied.

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Comedians Bryan Vokey (@BryanVokey), Carmen Morales (@thefunnycarmen) and TJ Chambers (@tjchambersLA) join Andy and Matt to discuss Georgia creationism, sperm-delivered drugs, erogenous T-Rex noses, geological Brexit, Segways on boats, Andy's mathematics puzzle, hamsters on Viagra and how memories are made.

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Returning guest Henry Phillips (@henlips) of Punching Henry fame sits down with Matt and Andy to discuss graphene water filtration, a real-life (sort-of) Iron Man, funny foreign names, CT scan risks, CTs vs. MRIs, biologics, dumb/smart interview questions and the probability of rude names happening randomly.


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