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Probably Science

Apr 3, 2019

Writer/comedian friend of the show Nick Doody (@NickDoody) returns to discuss linguistics, space herpes, atoms and the strong force, the reason for zebra stripes or maybe not, a physics theory as to why time flies more as we age, the first female Abel prize winner, famous Norwegians, lady strokes from lady strokes, the

Mar 27, 2019

Returning guests Sarah Morgan (@sarahlmorgan) and Brendon Burns (@brendonburns) join Matt and Andy to talk about air travel, SpaceX’s new not-quite-manned flight, monkey peril, the Mars mission that may not be, rare semi-identical twins and a lot of talk about Brendon’s stonefish encounter. Listen to Brendon’s

Mar 21, 2019

Cannabis educator Emma Chasen (@echasen) and comedian Marcus Coleman (@MrMarcusColeman) join Matt and Andy for a live show in Portland as part of the Listen Up! festival, discussing the complex science of the effects of cannabis, the difficulties in researching it, and the many hard-to-dispell myths surrounding...