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Author Johann Hari (@johannhari101) was stateside recently to return as a guest on Real Time with Bill Maher, and he invited Matt and Andy over to his hotel room to talk about the emotional deafness of the rich, his book Chasing The Scream and the failed 100-year war on drugs, the government's persecution of Billie Holliday, new theories of addiction, Rat Park, Portugal's radical policy changes and the way to sell America on drug decriminalization.

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Comedy's Jacob Sirof (@jacobsirof) joins Matt and Andy to talk about new jobs, orgasm fungi, Star Wars science, Andy's nephews singing Weird Al, Wales and fake waves, a Chinese telescope on the moon, cheating Jews, converting vaccine skeptics and pig genes.

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Dave Anthony (@daveanthony) of The Dollop, Walking The Room and Maron fame joins Matt and Andy to talk about navigating LA by satellite dishes, penis-at-twelve children in the Dominican Republic, mothers of boys gaining Y chromosomes, why we want to squeeze cute stuff, Rodney Stangerthe apparently kidlook at that horse, the mountain lion on a pole, the epidemic of Netflix documentaries like Cowspiracyanti-burp compounds, fixing brain cancer with antidepressants and blood thinners, cannabis not causing schizophrenia, the hotel of the futurea double comet situation3D-printed hearts and dicks.

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New Zealand's Tim Batt (@Tim_Batt) and Guy Montgomery (@guy_mont), hosts of The Worst Idea of All Time Podcast, join Matt and Andy to discuss Grown Ups 2, T-shirt cannon injuries, monkey selfies, urinal science and the best toilets in NZ, AIDS news, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the climate change “lawsuit”, a 1000-year-old treatment for styes that may generate new drugsa new target for New Horizons, new Pluto pics, and the Apollo 13 stage show. To watch video of Probably Science, The Worst Idea of All Time and the other 30+ shows recorded live from LA PodFest, click here and use the code "science" to get $5 off of the video archive.


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This week's episode was recorded live from the Audible Los Angeles Podcast Festival, with Andy Wood (@andytwood) and Matt Kirshen (@mattkirshen) welcoming original third host Brooks Wheelan (@brookswheelan), along with comedy legend Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) and Caltech theoretical physicist/cosmologist Dr. Sean Carroll (@seanmcarroll). To support Probably Science and LA PodFest while getting a free 30-day trial and a free audiobook download, visit

British comedy phenoms Josie Long (@JosieLong) and Stuart Goldsmith (@ComComPod) join Matt and Andy to discuss how condensation works, what voltage is, Josie’s foray into community college, magnetic wormholes, debunking spinach debunking, psych experiments that can't be reproduced and a brand new hominid. Catch Probably Science this Saturday at noon PDT at the Los Angeles Podcast Festival (@lapodfest) with special guests Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) and Dr. Sean Carroll (@seanmcarroll). Use the code "science" to get $5 off of the live video stream at

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Pride of Fargo Amber Preston (@PrestonParty) joins Matt and Andy to talk about midwest accents, farmers and fake interview pick-up techniques, whether video games produce violent people or not, smoking birds, violent ancient farmersbooks that purify waterthe most electric place on earth, and whether swimming in lightning dangerous.


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Comedian/actor extraordinaire Matt Knudsen (@mattknudsen) joins Matt and Andy to discuss Home Alone sequels, Ghostbuster, pseudoscience and snake oil, Coca Cola skeptics, merchant marines, Brian and Dolph, space elevators, LED light pollutionwhy global warming is good for the rich and the incredible octopus.

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Past guest and current host of Syfy's Reactor David Huntsberger (@huntsbergerjunk) joins the proceedings to welcome a Skyped-in Jesse Case and talk about rodeo facts, the awakeness drug Provigil, buff babies, cheating in war, Chinese fire drills, Korean pears for hangovers, neanderthals' massive eyes that may or may not have caused extinctiontiny new unafraid dwarf lemurs and official Probably Science T-shirts.

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Friends of the show and past guests Matt Braunger (@braunger) and Auggie Smith (@auggiesmith) return to the show to talk with Matt and Andy about Toblerone sizes, early detection cancer urine tests, shirtcocking, the EPA’s river fuck-up, arsenic and widows, why women are always cold, dumb kids and money-raising, using shade balls to protect reservoirs, the web’s too-weak random numbers, Benford’s Lawbeauty myths and contagious hotness and tiger calls.

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